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Useful ALE Transaction Codes

11th February 2008
ALE is customised via three main transaction. These are SALE, WEDI and BALE. This is the core transaction for SALE customizsng. Here you find everything ALE related which has not already been covered by the other customising transactions. WEDI - ID... Read >

sap architechere and design

31st January 2008
SYSTEM KERNAL : In SAP terminology, a service means a service provided by a software component (software-oriented view). This component can consist of a process (compare work process) or a group of processes (compare application server) and is then cal... Read >

sap abap introduction

31st January 2008
The R/3 System is a client system. The client concept enables the joint operation, in one system, of several enterprises that are independent of each other in business terms. During each user session you can only access the data of the client selected dur... Read >